Fun Books


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How Do You Spell The Word?


Now alphabet books are no longer just for preschoolers.  Get this one for your early grade-schooler to help with their spelling skills.  They can also color the images.

Witnesses For Yahshua Revealed


For those who want a written copy of the free video version, the book is now available for purchase.

Witnesses for Yahshua Revealed

This video reveals the clue, and the Witnesses for Yahshua prepared for judgment day to testify against all who deny the Messiah.

Are the Children Hebrew Israelites?

This video is about the doctrine that a child is a Hebrew Israelite despite the nationality of their mother.  Is it true or false?  The good news is that the Most High has witnesses that  confirm which doctrine is correct.

Where to Find Old Books about Black Jews?

Surprise!  All nations knew the true identity of African Americans. There was a conspiracy against them. 

Who would guess that the people that were scattered  to the four corners of the earth via the Trans Atlantic Slave trade are the biblical Black Jews?

Watch this video for proof.  The references were taken from Benayah Israel Hebrew Color Countdown video series.  

Where to Find Old Newspaper Articles about Black Jews?

Who would have thought?  

 There is proof…    

Not only did America know about the Black Jews but they wrote about us in many of their newspaper publications in the 1700 and 1800s.  Why they didn’t teach this in schools and churches?    

Well, the Bible has the answer to that question but please review this video.    I show three references from those articles and the website where you can go to research the articles too.

How I Quickly Memorize Scriptures using Flashcard Hero

This training will show you how I memorize the scriptures really fast using the Flashcard Hero application.